Apple iPhone 14 Plus Camouflage Circuit Magsafe Youngkit Case MCSK001


Wild, Mysterious, Outstanding

The Camouflage series cleverly combines the camouflage color representing wild, gentle and natural charm with the futuristic circuit board pattern design, and realizes the effect of different patterns under different light and different angles through the phantom layering process,  making the color more outstanding.
The Camouflage series aims to make young people yearn for nature and look forward to the future so that makes the cry from the bottom of my heart is conveyed to more people.

Bump Up the Protection

The YOUNGKiT exclusive Shock Absorption Technology can buffer 95% of the impact , creating a phone case that truly achieves all-round protection and has a strong anti-drop performance.
The appearance of the iPhone14 series(not iPhone12/13 series) of strong buffer bumpers adopts a new plant-based material and a shock-absorbing tire tread design. Each mobile phone case equipped with bumper has undergone 872 anti-drop tests, and ensure 9.8 ft drop protection,covering 98% of daily life application scenarios.
Phone Brand



Blue, Green, White, Black

Phone Model

iPhone 14 PLUS

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