Apple iPhone 15 Pro Rock Sand Skin Feel MagSafe Youngkit Case YSCX001


Minimalist, Low-key, Calm

The unique material creates a unique skin-friendly feel.
Inspired by the lens design of the scope, combined with the shape of the metal frame of the mechanical dial and submersible, the cold, elegant and rational attributes are obviously used by a gentleman to resist all the dangers of wind, frost, swords, knives, swords and halberds.
Everything about independence and strength is the quality and ability we advocate and hope everyone has, just like the mobile phone case we created.

Revolutionary Anti-Grease Protection Technology

According to our survey report, the study found that there are 85,674 scenarios where we may use mobile phones, and 99.2% of them may be exposed to grease, fingerprints, and scratches.
So we worked on a new type of material. In order to avoid damage from grease and fingerprints and most possible anti-scratch, the lotus leaf is used as the source of inspiration.
This self-cleaning surface ultra-micro-nano structure and our special top-level explosion-proof TPU material can refine high The dense surface protects the surface, achieves oleophobic anti-fouling, strengthens fingerprints and does not greasy.
No fear of grease, your mobile phone, we create exclusive science and technology to protect it.

Challenge The Limit Protection

We know your case is bound to take some bumps and drops.
To this end, each of our mobile phone cases has successfully passed 500+ consecutive multi-angle and multi-scenario anti-drop tests, breaking through the super anti-drop cognition you know.

Phone Brand



Blue, Yellow, Black, Grey

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