heavy duty phone cases

Aussies lead active lifestyles, so you need a heavy duty phone case that can keep up. When you’re out exploring the bush, hitting the beach, camping or working on the farm, protect your phone from drops, dust and shocks with a rugged heavy duty case.

Popular heavy duty cases feature military-grade or multi-layer protection, with impact absorbing bumpers and shatterproof polycarbonate or TPU materials. Look for dustproof and water-resistant cases to guard against the elements. Useful extras like belt clips or lanyards let you securely fasten your phone while on the go.

Leading brands for tough Aussie conditions include LifeProof, Otterbox and Pelican. Get the peace of mind of extreme impact protection so your phone withstands adventures big and small. A heavy duty case ensures your phone keeps kicking, even when life gets rough.

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